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I Guess I'm Known as an Obama Supporter': MSNBC's Chris Matthews Finally Admits It


"He’s got an I.Q. that must be in the hundred and whatever range -- way up there."

During his MSNBC show on Thursday, Chris Matthews set out to cover for President Barack Obama who, by nearly every measurement, was outperformed by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate on Wednesday.

"I guess I'm known as an Obama supporter," he finally admitted, not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. "And I certainly wanted him to do well last night."

Remember, this is the same person who got a "thrill" up his leg listening to Obama speak and had an on-air freak-out on Wednesday night after Romney outperformed Obama in the debate. He also previously argued the president has "never done anything wrong" and said the First Family is nearly "perfect."

Still, Matthews willingly admitted that Obama's debate performance was lackluster and lacking in "passion."

But the MSNBC host was quick in getting back to praising the commander-in-chief:

"I do look up to him in so many ways. And when I’m with him, I do say to myself -- and I do this really objectively, I think -- I listen to him after he’s briefed on something and I think, ‘this guy ought to be president.’ He has the command of the issues. He has scope. He has relevance. He can talk to you as a regular person in common English, as well as the wonk talk. He’s got an I.Q. that must be in the hundred and whatever range -- way up there. And yet last night he was tongue-tied. He let the other guy own the room."

Matthews also said because Obama didn't respond to Romney's attacks effectively during the debate, he would set the record straight. Nearly all of "Hardball" on Thursday was dedicated to accusing Romney of being "inaccurate" and telling lies.

"Mitt Romney lied his ass off," panelist Ron Reagan said, the son of former President Ronald Reagan.

Salon's Joan Walsh said Romney was "prepared" and did very well in the debate, however, he "lied" and regularly says "whatever it takes" to win.

In a later portion of his show, Matthews accused Romney of not giving a "rat's behind" about 47 percent of the country, referring to his infamous "47 percent" remarks and said Obama should have capitalized on the comments.

Unfortunately, MSNBC did not cut the video of Obama finally admitting he is "known as an Obama supporter." In all seriousness, Matthews has probably admitted before that he is on the Obama bandwagon. Either way, it's certainly no secret which candidate he favors.

You can watch some of Thursday's edition of "Hardball" via MSNBC below:

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