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Krauthammer on Presidential Debate: 'Romney Won and Romney Won Big


"All of a sudden, this Romney shows up, and he's knowledgeable, he's confident, and he's got nerve." -- Palin: "I almost felt sorry for (Obama)." -- McCain: "If that debate was a fight they would've stopped it!" --

It seemed unanimous among both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney outperformed President Barack Obama in Wednesday night's debate. While the left scrambled to figure out what went wrong, the right rallied around Romney.

Fox News political analyst Charles Krauthammer said Romney won "big" in the debate, by "two touchdowns," in fact.

"I think Romney won and Romney won big," he said. "It doesn't change the game, but it changes the momentum."

Krauthammer continued: "The Romney campaign has had a terrible month -- to the extent that people are saying 'You know, who is this guy, he seems like a sap'. All of a sudden, this Romney shows up, and he's knowledgeable, he's confident, and he's got nerve. He never backed down on any of the Obama attacks."

"In fact, every time Obama hurled a particular at him, he came back with a three point answer," he added.

Instead of merely showing up and surviving the debate, Romney proved himself to be President Obama's "equal," the analyst explained, adding that if that was a boxing match, Romney won the majority of rounds.

Krauthammer said Obama was lazy in the debate and didn't go after Romney over his controversial "47 percent" remarks, saying he wanted to "play out the 90 minutes, hold the ball and win."

"But he didn't. He lost," he said of Obama.

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Neil Cavuto on Fox News Wednesday night that she "almost felt sorry for" Obama.

"It was a struggle to watch some parts of this...President Obama, with his lack of enthusiasm for his own policies and his lack of conviction in trying to articulate why it is that he believes government will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise and happy when you know the vast majority of Americans know government is not the answer," she said.

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Romney's running mate Paul Ryan sent out this supportive message and picture via Twitter:

Former presidential nominee Sen. John McCain tweeted:

National Review's Jim Geraghty tweeted:

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