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Stop the Ad Personam Silliness': Fed Up Rudy Giuliani Tussles With MSNBC Panel on Romney Tax Plan


"If you extend the Bush tax cuts, you don't cut taxes, you keep taxes where they are!"

After Wednesday night's presidential debate, the frustration over at MSNBC was at nearly never-before-seen highs. Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews all turned on Obama after he offered a poor performance (their words), and so when former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on the show, the network's election panel seemed ready to take out that frustration on a token conservative.

But Giuliani wasn't going to be a punching bag, and he made that quite clear.

For example, Maddow early on tried to accuse Romney of changing his tax plan and told Giuliani that it was simple math and "not calculus" that supported her position, the mayor threw up his arms and said, "What you're doing is superimposing the Obama interpretation of his plan on his [Romney's] plan."

Fellow panelist Chris Hayes then tried to roll out the old mantra that Romney is all about trying to cut taxes for the rich because he wants to extend the Bush tax cuts, But Giuliani shot that down, too.

"If you extend the Bush tax cuts, you don't cut taxes, you keep taxes where they are! If you don't extend the Bush tax cuts, you raise taxes," he said, before explaining that if he pays a higher rate next year that is, in fact, raising taxes.

"Right, because you make a lot of money!" a fired-up Hayes said while including some hand gestures.

"Stop the ad personam silliness," a visibly frustrated and flummoxed Giuliani shot back. "The reality is it's true for everyone." He then scolded Hayes for "yelling and screaming" at him and not allowing him to finish.

You can watch it all unfold below:

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