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Romney Roundhouse Kicks Obama Through A Wall...in The Hysterical Taiwanese Animation of the Debate



The Taiwanese company New Media Animation (NMA) has a shockingly astute understanding of American politics.  NMA has had a field day animating some of the more parody rich moments in this last year of the American election cycle.  The site, which boasts the slogan "All the news that is fit to animate," has beaten many American pundits and humorists to the punch this week with a hysterical, masterfully animated version of the presidential Debates from Wednesday night.  Here are some of the highlights:


 There are elephants, donkeys & Sesame Street characters in the audience

 Romney wears massive boxing gloves, talks trash

 Obama spins a beanie hat propeller

 78-year-old Jim Lehrer is being reminded by death that time is running out

 Romney comes out swinging



Punches Obama on jobs



Punches Obama on tax cuts



Punches Obama on the economy


Proves that Romneycare does not equal Obamacare with a comically large marker


Finds a chainsaw (a reference to a pundit's remarks on Friday)

 And you don't want to know what he does to big bird with it

 Here is a hint


 Sesame Street characters cheering for Obama in the front row get 'Gallaghered'


 Obama breathes fire into Lehrer's face

 Donkeys at home are disappointed


 Mitt finishes with a roundhouse kick...


Walker Texas Ranger style

 Maybe this was the mysterious thud?

 Happy Romney

 Does a jig


Watch the epic and hysterical version below:



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