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Watch Fox's Megyn Kelly Interview...Her Husband!


"How you doing babe?"

Fox News

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly welcomed a very special guest onto her show Friday: her husband.

In an interview loaded with adorable married couple-isms, Douglas Brunt was on to discuss his just-published first novel, "Ghosts of Manhattan," about a Wall Street insider struggling to escape the high-rolling lifestyle of drugs, sex and money.

"How you doing babe?" Kelly greeted him.

"I'm doing great honey, thanks for having me on," Brunt replied.

"Do you feel nervous?" she asked.

"Nervous, panicked, one of those," he laughed.

"Much easier when you see it from the living room couch, isn't it?" she said.

Kelly noted how anxious she was about reading the novel for the first time, saying it was "terrifying because I had no idea if Doug could write." Set in 2005 before the financial collapse, she asked whether he wanted her honest opinion of the book. She said she read it and said "The truth is it’s awesome!’”

Kelly said there was one thing people need to know about the book right off the bat about a "naughty blonde reporter."

"Now we need to get this on the record right now, this person bears no relation to anyone you may know," she said.

"No, none," Brunt confirmed.

"And you made her a CNBC reporter so it's not even a Fox Business person or a Fox News person, it's all fictional," she said.

"Financial correspondent, totally unrelated," he said.

Tipping the scales even more on the sweetness meter was Brunt calling Kelly "the best journalist" in talking about his main character trying to break away from Wall Street.

"You did the same, you were a lawyer work 100-hour weeks and you were exceptional at it -- I remember going to a dinner with a lawyer at Jones Day who said, 'Doug, it doesn't matter how good she becomes as a journalist, she'll never be as good as she was as a lawyer,' now he was wrong --"

"-- this is supposed to be about you!" Kelly interjected.

"Well, he was wrong about it as it turns out, because you are the best journalist and anyone -- I don't know where the camera is -- everyone watching at home knows you are the best," he said.

Closing out the interview, Kelly said she had one more thing to ask: "Who is watching our children?"

Prior to having him on, Kelly promised one viewer on she wouldn't let him do any "spin": "Oh he's gonna get the full MK treatment. :)" she tweeted.

For his part, Brunt certainly seemed please with how the segment went, tweeting afterward: "My wife is such a talented interviewer that even a dope like me can muddle through. Was a lot of fun. Thanks, babe."

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