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City Installs Crafty New Traffic Light That Only Turns Green If You're Not Speeding


"Operation Rest in Red"

As a driver, have you ever been frustrated by the feeling that you're constantly hitting red lights? Those going down a road near Long Beach should get used to the feeling.

A new type of traffic light in the California neighborhood will always be red -- unless it senses you are going the speed limit.

CBS Local out of Los Angeles reports a mile-long stretch of Wardlow Road was notorious for speeders. The city tried various tactics to eliminate the violations, but nothing seemed to cause drivers to let up off the pedal.

Now, they've installed a light that will be constantly red in all directions, turning green only when it senses drivers are going the speed limit:

[...] if cars approach at or below the speed limit, the light turns green.

If a driver goes over the limit, the light stays red and slows them down—sometimes to a complete stop.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports "Operation Rest in Red" uses motion detection sensors that coordinate with the light. The speed limit along the stretch of road is 45 miles per hour.

CBS reports local resident Ray Luca saying, “I think it will be helpful, but I don’t think it will be the answer. It’s hard to control such a long area.

Watch the report:

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