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Virginia Romney Supporters Terrorized With Sign Vandalism, Human Excrement (Graphic Video)


"Don't let Democrats, vandals, thieves, oppressors, intimidators, and tyrants silence you … Remember, NOVEMBER IS COMING."

A conservative radio host based in Virginia has blown the whistle on a series of disturbing incidents in Virginia surrounding Romney supporters being persecuted for their political enthusiasm. Specifically, people have been defacing Romney signs with human excrement, cutting them up with box cutters, and vandalizing the property of those who display them. Threatening phone calls have also been recorded in the video.

A video details some of the actions, which the Washington Times describes graphically:

The clip (prefaced with a warning of "extremely graphic content") on the "Schilling Show" blog, written by radio host Rob Schilling, begins with President Obama on the campaign trail telling attendees to "argue with them and get in their face," a phrase he used in 2008 to encourage his supporters to talk to friends and neighbors about voting and accurately delivering his message, whether they were Republican or independent.

The clip then shifts to an expletive-laced rant labeled "Actual phone call received at Albemarle County, Virginia GOP Headquarters — September 11, 2012."

It goes on to show a man tearing down yard signs at an Americans For Prosperity event in Charlottesville while screaming obscenities, then a montage of Republican political signs that have been defaced — in one case with excrement — and Nazi imagery plastered onto an AFP sign.

The video ends with the words "Don't let Democrats, vandals, thieves, oppressors, intimidators, and tyrants silence you … Remember, NOVEMBER IS COMING."

Given that Virginia is one of the most vital swing states this election cycle, these incidents will likely surprise no one. One of these incidents - the one involving a screaming Obama supporter tearing down Americans for Prosperity signs - is in fact, not even from this election cycle, but from 2010. If that sort of incident occurred during an off-year, it's anyone's guess what might be in store this time around.


However, Virginia is not the only place where this sort of rabid defacement and vandalism is common. Twitchy has recorded a depressing trend among open Obama supporters on Twitter -- namely, the tendency to brag about urinating on Romney yard signs.

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