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Glenn Beck Explains the Cause of Skyrocketing Gas Prices


On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck took on a major problem facing the nation: skyrocketing gas prices, and, in some instances, even gas shortages. Using a map to illustrate the high cost of petrol around the country, Beck explained step by step how President Obama did to bring America to this point and what GOP contender Mitt Romney is proposing to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, Beck noted that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency on record saying higher gas prices is not about the environment but rather about social and economic justice. In order to debunk leftist claims that big oil companies make essentially "too much" money, Beck juxtaposed the profit margin of EXXON to other companies like Apple, Walmart and others.

Ironically, those invested in big oil are labor and teachers unions, according to Beck, thus they have a vested interest in whether or not those companies succeed. Watch the thought-provoking segment via TheBlazeTV below:

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