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NBC's Matt Lauer Can't Contain Disgust With Robert Gibbs Over Big Bird Ad: 'Ideas and Solutions' or Just Trying to 'Get Attention'?


"And I find it hard to believe I'm asking this question here this morning..."

You know the fallout behind a campaign move is bad when the morning mainstream media is even expressing disgust. And that's exactly what NBC's Matt Lauer did on the "Today" show on Wednesday morning with Obama campaign representative Robert Gibbs over the Obama-approved Big Bird ad.

The ad, which mocks Mitt Romney for going after PBS funding, has become a laughing stock among both conservatives and liberals who have skewered it as beneath the campaign of a sitting president. And on Wednesday, Lauer made it a little personal by adding his thoughts in an interview with Gibbs.

"I have to be honest with you, I personally was a bit surprised that the campaign released this Big Bird ad yesterday," Lauer said. "I mean, is that the kind of political ad that a campaign releases when it feels it has ideas and solutions on its side, or is that the kind of political ad a campaign releases when it simply wants to get attention?"

Gibbs responded by twisting Romney's position, saying the governor wants to end "Downton Abbey" and "go to war" with Sesame Street instead of holding Wall Street accountable. "And, look, we can't have a president who does that."

Lauer's disgust, however, was obvious.

"And I find it hard to believe I'm asking this question here this morning, but will the campaign take Bird Bird out of its ads?" he asked with a smirk.

"I don't know of any plans to change that ad," Gibbs responded. Sesame Street has demanded the yellow figure's removal.

You can watch part of the interview below:




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