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Wild Vid Shows Frenzied Man Getting Tackled by Police After Storming Baseball Field With an Anti-Abortion & Romney/Ryan Sign


"Abortion is sin"

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 09: Police chase a man who runs onto the field holding a sign saying 'Abortion is Sin' before the Cincinnati Reds take on the San Francisco Giants in Game Three of the National League Division Series at the Great American Ball Park on October 9, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio.Credit: Getty Images

Tuesday night's National League Division Series game was interrupted by a peculiar spectacle when a man stormed onto the field with a sign decrying abortion and purportedly supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

With the San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds already on the diamond and preparing to commence the game (the Giants inevitably won), the individual in question entered from right field and made it to left-center before being chased down and tackled by numerous police officers.

While there's not much information available about the frenzied fan, he's being described as middle-aged -- a notion that is confirmed by pictures and video that have been released of the incident. On one side of the sign was a message about Romney and Ryan (although it's unclear what was actually advertised about the candidates) and on the other were the words, "Abortion is Sin."

You can watch the wild video of the man running onto the field -- and the police tackling him, below:

Considering that the story is most entertaining as told through pictures and videos, we'll leave you with a series of images that were captured by Getty:

So, there you have it. Probably not the most effective means of sharing political opinion.

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