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Twitter Reacts to Biden's Body Language During Debate: 'Stop Smiling and Laughing!


The debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan started harsh and only got more and more brutal as it proceeded, with Vice President Joe Biden attacking Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan with gusto, repeatedly speaking over him, openly snickering and shaking his head at Ryan's answers, and essentially giving the impression of a heckler.

And needless to say, the strategy garnered a lot of responses from opinion-makers. Below are some of the most hilarious/strange/interesting responses to the Biden/Ryan debate:


CNN declared the debate itself a draw, but several of its commentators, including David Gergen and Alex Castellanos, gave the style points to Ryan. Summing this perspective up more bluntly, Fox News' Chris Wallace called this the most "openly disrespectful" debate performance he had ever seen over 52 years of watching debates.

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