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Liberal Group Mocks Paul Ryan for...Sipping Water (22 Times!) During Debate?


"In last night's debate, Vice President Biden brought the facts…and Paul Ryan brought a #sippycup."

Conservatives had a field day mocking Vice President Joe Biden for his incessant smiling, laughing and interrupting during Thursday night's debate. Biden's demeanor, perceived as rude and domineering by some, spawned viral YouTube videos and political attack ads. In fact, the issue pretty much overshadowed every other aspect of the debate.

In response, the liberal group Americans United for Change brainstormed about how they could go about mocking Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's debate performance. Apparently, the best they could come up with is that Ryan was really thirsty on Thursday.

"In last night's debate, Vice President Biden brought the facts… and Paul Ryan brought a #sippycup," the text in the video reads as goofy-sounding music plays in the background.

The video goes on to count every time that Ryan takes a sip of water. Americans United for Change counted 22 times.

It is unclear how, or if, Ryan will recover from this revelation -- that even Paul "p90x" Ryan gets thirsty.

On Friday, MSNBC guest Bill McGowan suggested that Ryan's water sipping may be a "tell," insinuating the Republican drank water every time he wasn't being completely honest.

Watch the clip and weigh in below:


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