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Joe Biden Interrupts Florida Woman's Breast Cancer Story With On-Stage Squatting Charades


"What's he doing back there?"

At a campaign event Friday afternoon in Florida, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bill Nelson took the stage to a cheering crowd. They were being introduced by a Florida resident named Barbra who began by telling a story about her struggle with breast cancer.   She was in the middle of describing her fear of relapse when Biden went over to Sen. Nelson, whispered something, and then eventually started doing squatting charades in an effort to get the crowd to sit down.  The Vice President also gave thumbs up to the crowd and broke into laughter while the woman was telling her story.








The actions caused a great deal of laughter, interrupting the woman twice in the middle of her story.  She had to stop and ask, "What's he doing back there?"

Watch the slightly awkward moment below*:


By the way, it seems the Biden does have a thing against people standing while he's speaking. At a recent campaign stop he became annoyed with a group that was continuing to stand throughout his speech and told them to sit down. The only problem? They didn't have any seats. He quickly apologized:


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