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Real News:' Outrage Towards Administration's Handling of Benghazi Attack Persists


President Obama appeared on The Daily Show Thursday night where he said that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi last month was ‘not optimal’ –a comment that immediately caused outrage on Twitter and was criticized Friday by the mother of one of the victims. In context, Stewart used “optimal” in the phrasing of his question in the clip and the president was responding to it. But the ordeal still leaves the spotlight on the legitimate anger and still unanswered questions surrounding the incident.

Reports broke late Thursday that the CIA had sent a cable to Washington within 24 hours of Ambassador Susan Rice going public on the administration's assessment of a 'protest,' saying that what happened in Libya was rather an attack from militants.

With the legitimate outrage to the handling of this situation still in the air and the final presidential debate slated for Monday focused on foreign policy, will Mitt Romney focus and attack Obama in regards the Benghazi tragedy to the satisfaction of everyone who wants answers?

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