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U.N. Official Warns: Electing Mitt Romney Means 'Democratic Mandate for Torture


"Also objected to the secrecy surrounding President Obama's drastically expanded use of drones, but apparently considers them a preferable alternative"

(Photo: United Nations)

(Photo: United Nations)

The United Nations and its affiliates have been weighing in on U.S. elections with increasing frequency lately-- and it's understandable, considering a wildly disproportionate amount of its funding comes from the United States.  In the most recent event, the U.N. special rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights raised what he considers to be the "alarming" implications of a Republican victory.

Ben Emmerson lamented Mitt Romney's position on waterboarding: "There is no doubt that the Romney administration would be able to claim...a democratic mandate for torture...That would put Romney as the first world leader in history to be able to claim [that]."

While he also objected to the secrecy surrounding President Obama's drastically expanded use of drones, he apparently considers them a preferable alternative.

Emmerson says he plans to voice his concerns about a Republican victory at an upcoming U.N. meeting, but is not being quiet in the meantime.

The Canadian Press relates:

Emmerson, who was in Toronto to attend a symposium on the negative impacts post-9/11 security measures have had on human rights, said Obama had begun to realign U.S. policy with international law and the universal abhorrence of torture.

Romney's approach was now threatening to undermine that progress, he said.


"The re-introduction of torture under a Romney administration would significantly increase the threat levels to (Americans) at home and abroad," Emmerson said.

"Such a policy, if adopted, would expose the American people to risks the Obama administration is not currently exposing them to." [Emphasis added]

The third debate between President Obama and Governor Romney will focus on foreign policy, where such issues are likely to come up.

However, Twitchy captured a number of tweets from Twitter users already weighing in on the topic.  "It seems that most Americans don’t really like the United Nations telling them what to do," they summarize.

One commenter concluded: "Defund and deport this useless nuisance."



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