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Van Jones Calls Obama a 'Towering Figure on Foreign Policy': He Won a Nobel Peace Prize AND He Killed Bin Laden



Former White House green jobs czar Van Jones on Sunday called President Barack Obama a "towering figure on foreign policy" -- someone who has both a Nobel Peace Prize and took out Osama bin Laden.

Jones was defending the administration against accusations of being evasive about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya and suggested Republicans were going after Obama because of the weight he carries on the international stage.

"President Obama is a towering figure on foreign policy,” Jones said during the panel discussion on ABC's "This Week." "You’ve got somebody with a Nobel Peace Prize and he killed Bin Laden."

Pointing to Iran as an example, Jones said there are "three ways to go": "Number one, you can have the weak strategy, go on your own. Number two, you can have the reckless strategy, try to be a saber rattler on your own, or number [three] you can get the whole world on your side."

"[Republican challenger Mitt] Romney has doubled down on weak and reckless, Obama has pulled the world together, he is a towering figure," Jones said.

(h/t National Review)



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