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Chuck Woolery: Socialism is the 'world's biggest Ponzi scheme


Legendary game show host and outspoken Hollywood conservative Chuck Woolery has a plan to save Social Security, or as he calls it, the "world's biggest Ponzi scheme."

"Bernie Madoff is sitting in prison right now for something that is equivalent to a parking ticket compared to this scheme," Woolery says in a new web video on

In the clip, Woolery explains that Social Security currently amounts to over 20 percent of the entire federal budget, and it's still growing.

"The nation has been sold this idea that Social Security is a retirement investment program. Well, It's not. It's a wealth distribution program," he says. "And at it's current rate of redistribution, it will be broke by 2033."

Why? Because Social Security is a derivative of socialism, according to Woolery. Quoting Margaret Thatcher, he said the "problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.

So how can America fix the broken Social Security program? Find out here:

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