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Insane Video Catches Motorcyclist Fish-Hooking & Dragging Fellow Racer by the Helmet After High-Speed Wipe-Out


"Wow that was insane."

Motorcycles have their dangers, as even experienced drivers can make potentially-fatal errors. In a video uploaded to YouTube last week, this ideal was exemplified when a rider hit his fellow racer, fish-hooked his head, then dragged him to a grassy area. The incident took place during a chopper race, with a camera capturing the entire ordeal.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The situation unfolded when the riders took a sharp turn. The cyclist wiped out and, without much warning, the dirt bike behind him caught his head and dragged him by the helmet off of the track. The wild situation, which could have easily turned deadly, ended on a bizarre, yet encouraging, note.

"Are you okay?," asked the rider who plowed into his fellow racer.

"I'm good, I'm good," responded the stunned individual, whose helmet, at this point, was still attached to his opponent's dirt bike.

"Wow that was insane," the driver proclaimed.

Then, the race continued. Watch the insane video, below:

(H/T: Jalopnik)

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