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Fox Reporter Gets Stuck in Sand During Live Hurricane Report



Live TV can offer so many viral gems, especially during wretched weather. Enter Fox News and reporter Peter Doocy.

During a live report from the shores of Deleware, Doocy was explaining how the storm surge has invaded the shore. At one point, he stepped off the boardwalk and sank right into the sand, declaring he was "stuck" (the incident occurs around the 50-second mark):


But was the viral TV moment just too perfect? Consider that before Doocy even steps off the boardwalk there is what looks like a hole behind him right where he eventually sinks in:

Additionally, Doocy's reaction does come across a little canned. So that raises the question: Was the viral TV weather moment planned or spontaneous? Is it that he fell in earlier and wanted to recreate the moment? Does it matter?

You decide.

(H/T: Eddie Scarry)

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