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Guards at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier want to say 'thank you

A member of the US military Honor Guard works up a sweat with temperatures in the high 90 degrees F (32 Celsius) as he guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before the start of the 'Heros Remembered' commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice in the amphitheater of Arlington National Cemetery July 27, 2012 in Arlington, Virginia. The Armistice was signed in Panmunjom, Korea, July 27, 1953, after three years of bloody fighting between the US led United Nations forces, the People's Republic of China, North Korea, and South Korea. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

After hearts poured out to the guys standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast, the sentinels have a special message of thanks for the thoughts & prayers.

Yep: THEY want to thank YOU.

Here's your slice of humble pie for the day:

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