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Romney's New Spanish-Language Ad Ties Obama to Dictators Fidel Castro & Hugo Chavez


"If Obama were from Barlovento (a Venezuelan town), he'd vote for Chávez."

Allegiances expose quite a bit about a candidate's character. Upon close exploration, they can be a powerful and persuasive force, which is why politicians' efforts to tie opponents to extremists often make their way into political advertisements. Consider Republican Candidate Mitt Romney's new, Spanish-language ad airing in Miami, Florida.

In the video, President Barack Obama is tied to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, former Cuban Prime Minister and President Fidel Castro and Mariela Castro (Fidel's daughter). The clip features images and video of the aforementioned figures publicly supporting the president -- endorsements that Romney is clearly hoping will damage Obama's re-election prospects among Hispanics.

The Miami Herald translates the ad:

NARRATOR: Who supports Barack Obama?

CHAVEZ: "If I were American, I'd vote for Obama."

NARRATOR: Raúl Castro's daughter, Mariela Castro, would vote for Obama.

CASTRO: "I would vote for President Obama."

NARRATOR: And to top it off, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency sent emails for Hispanic Heritage month with a photo of Che Guevara.

CHAVEZ: "If Obama were from Barlovento (a Venezuelan town), he'd vote for Chávez."

ROMNEY: I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.

Considering Florida's designation as a battleground state, National Journal notes that this is a tactic the Romney campaign has used before. And taking into account the high population of Cubans and other Hispanic groups in Florida, the ad is perfectly suited for the locality.

Watch it, below:

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