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Gridlock: Harry Reid says he'll refuse to work with Mitt Romney


Despite President Obama's insistance that working with Republicans on Capitol Hill will be job No. 1 during a second term, fellow Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid is flat-out refusing to work with Mitt Romney if he's elected president. Can you feel the bipartisan love?

"Mitt Romney's fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his 'severely conservative' agenda is laughable," Mr. Reid said in a statement on Friday, trying to puncture Mr. Romney's closing election argument that he'll be able to deliver on the bipartisanship President Obama promised in 2008 but has struggled to live up to.

Yes, he's talking about the Mitt Romney who is apparently so "severely conservative" that he was elected governor of Massachusetts -- clearly a hotbed for conservative activism masquerading as a blue state, or something.

"Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he lacks the courage to stand up to the tea party, kowtowing to their demands time and again. There is nothing in Mitt Romney's record to suggest he would act any differently as president," Mr. Reid said.

This statement really makes you wonder if Harry Reid has even looked at Mitt Romney's record.  As governor in Massachusetts, he worked with a legislature that was predominantly Democratic, and yet they still managed to get things done.  Imagine that -- bipartisan cooperation.  It's a lost concept lost on progressive Democrats who have been running the show in Washington for the last 4+ years.

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