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Memo to New Yorkers: If those who helped you after the hurricane had listened to liberal schmucks like this guy, you'd be dead


Alternate headline: "It's all fun and games until a hurricane knocks you on your can"

Preparation. It's why those who effectively respond to emergencies like natural disasters get good results. They prepare food, blankets, clothing, energy, protection, you name it. We're glad our police, EMTs, firemen, hospitals, churches and shelters do it, so why mock individuals who do it, too?

Almost exactly two years before Hurricane Sandy smashed the East Coast and turned off the lights in swaths of New York City, Stephen Colbert took to the set of his largely un-funny show to mock Glenn Beck, Food Insurance and those who would dare to store food in preparation for an emergency -- like, oh, I don't know, a big, fat storm.


As Glenn asked on air today, I wonder if the New Yorkers who were yukking it up watching that show are still giggling today, or if the hard slap of reality maybe knocked off the smug and sobered them up a little.

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