500 Former Generals, Admirals Announce Support for Romney In Powerful Full-Page Ad

Roughly 500 senior military officials are endorsing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a full-page ad set to run in the Washington Times on Monday, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

“We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief,” the ad reads, followed by a staggering list of names and titles.  Many of the signatories are former generals and admirals.

TheBlaze was sent an advanced copy of how the ad is expected to appear:

The group is making it clear that they are not directly affiliated with the Romney campaign– these 500 senior military leaders created and paid for the ad themselves.

The Washington Free Beacon concludes:

The [group’s] spokesman added that 389 of the individuals on the list are on the Romney Military Advisory Council, too. The Romney campaign has already announced these individuals’ endorsement.

“They have 389 on their list,” the spokesman said, while “we have almost 500.”

The list comes as a Military Times survey revealed that active duty, National Guard, and military reserve members support Romney over Obama by a two to one margin.