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Anti-Abortion Heckler Physically Removed From Obama Rally After Shouting Down the President


"Four more years!"

A great many political protesters have a penchant for interrupting campaign events -- and the phenomenon isn't specific to one side of the aisle. From anti-war hecklers to pro-life adherents, disturbing political events is a key tactic for many protest movements. This dynamic played itself out on Sunday, when shouting attendees were removed from President Barack Obama's rally at the University of Cincinnati basketball arena.

The chaos unfolded when a man began shouting from the rafters moments after the president commenced his speech. The focus of the individual's rant? Abortion. According to attendees, as he shouted, the man held up a sign that featured graphic anti-abortion images.

Yahoo! has more about the events that unfolded:

He held up a sign upside down that read "This Moral Wrong Should Never Be A Constitutional Right" and continued yelling, but the crowd of 13,500 drowned him out with a chant of "Four more years!" The incident forced the president to stop his speech and the man continued shouting until five police offers hauled him out of the arena. When Obama began speaking again, another man on the other side of the arena tried to shout him down again, but was quickly escorted out.

Watch the incident in its entirety, below:

Trying to make light of the situation, Obama dismissed the protesters before continuing his speech, saying, "These might have been some Tennessee Titans fans who were mad about the Bears beating them really badly today."

Regardless of these shenanigans, this event was a key stop in Obama's re-election campaign, as the appearance was Obama's second-to-last in Ohio before Tuesday's election. Musician Stevie Wonder performed during the event as well, heralding Obama and speaking out about his views on women's rights.

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