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Wisconsin paper endorses Romney


In swing-state Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Mitt Romney for president on Sunday. It's a switch for the paper, which endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008.

From the endorsement:

Yes, Romney did his share of flip-flopping and pandering during the GOP primary to get past stubborn party stalwarts. Yes, Romney's talk of repealing the Affordable Care Act and boosting military spending are unrealistic. We disagree with Romney on a host of social issues, from marriage equality to abortion rights.

This is not an easy endorsement to make. ...

But Obama is the president. The buck stops with him. This is now Obama's economy, even though the GOP shares in the blame for partisan games. ...

We endorsed Obama for change last time around. Now we're endorsing change again: Mitt Romney.

The Washington Post adds this context to the endorsement: "The State Journal is based in Madison, a very liberal city where few voters are likely to be persuaded to back a Republican. But the state’s largest paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is no longer endorsing presidential candidates, giving this move more weight."

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