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You're a Rat' & 'You're Full of S**t': This Is What the Chicago Teachers Union's Monday March Looked Like


"Tax! Tax! Tax the rich!" UPDATE: NBC affiliate uninterested in union VP’s participation in the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference at Northwestern University.

Don't be confused by the headline. Yes, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) paraded in the streets on Veteran’s Day. But it was not to honor our nation’s veterans (it just happened to be on the same day). It was to protest the city's rumored plans to close dozens of schools.

So, in honor of their little march, Jeremy Segal (of “Rebel Pundit” fame) in conjunction with EAGnews.org, the "flagship website" of the Education Action Group Foundation, Inc., a Michigan-based education reform group, decided to interview a few of the protesters.

What Segal found was less-than-welcoming. In fact, what he found was a torrent of obscenities and anger:

“Ironically, all Chicago Public Schools were closed that day. While the union forgot to bring flags to honor America, they did have plenty of socialist, communists and other radicals in the ranks,” the video’s YouTube description reads.

To be fair, you do hear Segal at one point respond to the insult that he hates "all workers" by asking if one protester hates "all Americans."

Warning! Video contains coarse language not be suitable for younger viewers:

You know, maybe we should excuse the protesters’ of their less-than-polite behavior. After all, they’re doing it for the children (or something).

UPDATE: There was an NBC affiliate on site to document the CTU protest. Segal, who regularly blogs for Breitbart, asked NBC 5’s Charlie Wojciechowski if his crew was interested in questioning Jesse Sharkey, VP of the union, over his recent participation in the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference at Northwestern University.

"I'm working," Wojcieckowski responded. "We are doing something here... We are covering a protest."

Segal followed up by asking Wojcieckowski if he was covering the protest, or covering it up.

Wojciechowski replied: "If Breitbart was a legitimate organization, I would talk to you, but it's not, Breitbart is full of sh**."

Coarse language warning:

Segal writes:

Wojciechowski went on apparently, to cover up who the leaders of the protest were and filed a report of which the protest leaders approved. While I did see and film Wojciechowski interviewing Mr. Sharkey, that interview does not appear in the story Wojciechowski filed, and remains unclear whether or not he ever asked Sharkey about his involvement with the Marxist organization.

A representative for NBC 5 did not immediately respond to TheBlaze's request for comment.

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This story has been updated and corrected.

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