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Could This Be Nicole Brown's Murderer? Chilling Documentary Suggests O.J. Was, In Fact, Innocent


"...he admitted to a criminal profiler that he’d killed Simpson and Goldman."

Kentucky State Police arrest Hamilton native Glen Rogers on Nov. 13, 1995. (Photo: AP)

In 1994, the world was shocked when the ex-wife of NFL star O.J. Simpson was found murdered outside her California home, along with her friend Ronald Goldman.

The case became one of the most controversial in American history after Simpson was found not guilty despite what many considered to be conclusive evidence. But could O.J. have been telling the truth?  An Investigation Discovery documentary set to air Wednesday night chronicles the life of serial killer Glen Rogers, with interviews from his brother Clay -- and it explores the possibility that it was Glen who was Brown's real killer.

Apparently Glen Rogers was tangibly connected to Nicole Brown, and claimed to have killed both her and Ronald Goldman while standing trial for his other murders.

(AP File Photo)

The New York Post adds:

Not only did Clay cooperate fully in this documentary, but he is the person who turned Glen in when he discovered a rotting corpse in the family’s broken down cabin in the woods in Hamilton, Minn.

The corpse was that of an elderly male neighbor, one of the very few men it turned out Glen had killed. At that moment, Clay realized that all those tall tales his brother had telling about killing 50 people were tragically true.

Since killing 50 people isn’t the kind of thing most people brag about, you’d have thought his brother would have figured it out, but he didn’t.

Then again, the whole family thought Glen was lying when the then-handsome lunatic told his family that he was “partying” with a woman in LA named Nicole Brown Simpson — just before she was murdered.

When Rogers phoned his family in 1994, according to the film, he actually said he was working and partying with her and that she was rich, and that he was “going to take her down.”

A few years after the murders, when Rogers was already on death row for other murders, he admitted to a criminal profiler that he’d killed Simpson and Goldman.  ​[Emphasis added]

Kentucky State Police arrest Hamilton native Glen Rogers on Nov. 13, 1995. (Photo: AP)

But is there any proof to the claim, or is this just a twisted attempt to "take credit" for one of the most high-profile murders in American history?

Apparently receipts prove that Rogers was working on construction in the area at that time of the murders, and he appeared to know details that only a man who was there could know, the documentary says.

Rogers was also known as 'The Casanova Killer.' (Photo via Murderpedia)

But the most interesting aspect, the New York Post notes, is that Rogers actually ​knew​ O.J. Simpson, and was hired to do his "dirty work."

The New York Post explains:

So why didn’t OJ bring all that out at the trial — or even before he was charged?

Because, according to Rogers, OJ had paid him to break into her house and steal a pair of $20,000 earrings the football star had given her.

Rogers claims OJ also told to kill “the bi***” if necessary.

After that murder (hardly his first), Rogers embarked on a cross-country killing spree.  ​[Emphasis added]

The documentary highlights Rogers' life from its early days, when his brother Clay instructed him on how to commit his first crime.

It should also be noted that, while Rogers claimed to have killed over 70 people, he later retracted the claim.  He has, however, been convicted on a litany of violent charges, and was sentenced to death for first degree murder in 1995.  He has also been directly linked to the murders of various women he met at bars, and while his case remains tied up in the legal system, Rogers is currently interned in a maximum security facility.

Watch a clip from the Investigation Discovery documentary and decide for yourself:

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