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Just Wow': Watch What Happens to TheBlaze's Will Cain When He Tries to Explain Romney's 'Gift' Comments on CNN


"This is an ​astounding​ interview"

The Blaze's Will Cain appeared on CNN with Don Lemon Sunday night, and was barely allowed to get a word in after saying that Mitt Romney was technically right in his post-election "gift" comments.

For those who haven't been following, Romney has suggested that Barack Obama won the election by appealing to various constituencies with "gifts," while his campaign focused on helping the country as a whole.

After Lemon played video of various Republicans denouncing Romney, Cain admitted that the remarks weren’t very “sportsmanlike,” but said they weren’t actually “inaccurate.”

"It wasn't politically advantageous," he explained, "but the Democratic Party has been crafting policies that have been tail---"

At that point, Cain was interrupted by a "chorus" of "wait, wait, wait..." and "what?" from host Don Lemon and CNN contributor LZ Granderson.

"Did you just say it wasn't inaccurate Will?" Granderson asked.  "It wasn't inaccurate, what are you talking about?" Lemon added with surprise.

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After waiting for Lemon and Granderson to finish, moving only his eyes to indicate what he thought of the lengthy interruption, Cain continued: "First of all, I think your guys' two reaction is outstanding, I mean it's just amazing.  I was saying that I think his statement--"

"I think your lack of reaction's amazing," Granderson interjected.

Still smiling, Cain said "alright" before continuing:

"Yes his statement is accurate.  The Democratic Party has been crafting policies that are tailor-made for various constituencies, whether that breaks you up by gender, age, ethnicity... Absolutely those policies have been crafted to win over votes and win over every demographic--"

At that point, Lemon asked whether that isn't the "point" of an election, before Cain noted that while it may be a winning political strategy, it certainly isn't the best way to govern.

(Photo: Twitter/@willcain)

Lemon then seemed to contradict himself in back-to-back sentences.

"Governing means governing ​all​ of the people, no matter what demographic it is..." he lectured Cain.  "If someone is tailoring their message for one group or another, that's what they should be doing.  That's what a leader of the free world should be doing."

Cain noted the contradiction, asking: "If you're governing for everyone, then why would you craft policies that only apply to some people?"

Lemon and Granderson struggled to respond, Lemon saying that someone was "talking" in his ear, before Granderson tried to lay down the law.

"Will...Here's the deal.  President Obama was not handing out ​gifts​, alright.  He's being a president."

After discussing Romney's previous "47%" remarks, Lemon said he "loves" Cain but can't "believe" he would make such claims.

"I can.  He's cut from the same cloth, man!" Granderson contributed.

Cain said that, since they "know" him, they should consider listening to his explanation of the logic behind his assertion.  However, he had little more than a few seconds before Granderson and Lemon interrupted once again, saying things like "It makes sense to ​you,​" and "Is this like the numbers and the polls [that] all made sense if you're doing some fuzzy math?"

"It doesn't make sense and it's insulting.  Tough love," Lemon concluded, allowing Granderson the last word before remarking, "Thank you guys.  Bye bye."

Watch the frustrating interview, via Crooks and Liars, below (skip to around 1:40 to skip the intro):

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