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LA Times asks state Dems to 'exercise some restraint' on taxes


The election gave Democrats big gains in the California state legislature. The party now holds a two-thirds majority, giving them the power to pass essentially whatever they decide without any effective opposition from Republicans.

The Los Angeles Timesseems a little worried. From the paper's lead editorial today:

Now that ... Democrats have won a supermajority, state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) has taken the opportunity to propose a ballot measure to raise the car tax again. Was Lieu merely the first Democrat out of the gate, and is his tax proposal just the first of many? ...

Shouldn't we be restoring funding that used to go to local government? Shouldn't we restore cuts made to the courts, to schools, to child and senior safety net programs? Shouldn't we remember that Californians rejected a car tax increase (Proposition 21) to pay for parks just two years ago, or that after it was rejected, millions of dollars in unspent funds were "found" in the California Department of Parks and Recreation? Shouldn't we forget about any new taxes for a year or two and see how responsibly Democrats use the revenue, and the power, they were just given?

Democrats, please. Slow down. Exercise some restraint. Remember, you didn't earn your supermajority. You free-fell into it. ... Please don't crash, lest you take California down with you.

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