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Speak English or Die Motherf**ker!': Australians Go Berserk & Hurl Racial Slurs at French Woman Singing on a Public Bus


"darkies should be kept on the back of the bus where they belong."

A French woman sparked seemingly unwarranted angst while riding a bus in Australia earlier this month. Her offense? Singing aloud in her native tongue. Perhaps it was the annoyance of hearing someone make noise on a crowded public bus that sparked the over-the-top outrage, but the racial tone and the level to which the situation elevated is perplexing.

Portions of the incident were caught on video by passenger Mike Nayna, who also explained moment-by-moment the events that unfolded. In a video that he produced surrounding the incident and shared on the Check Point Comedy YouTube page, the details are disturbing. Nayna, who narrates the story, claims that the Australians on the bus "racially abus[ed] the poor girl."

Among those hurling insults at the woman was a man who purportedly made a series of bizarre racial claims. The most curious and troubling one being that all "darkies should be kept on the back of the bus where they belong."

At one point, a woman can be seen yelling at the victim to get off of the bus. And, according to The Australian, another passenger threw a rock through the vehicle's window, apparently in an attempt to his the French girl. The outlet has more:

"There was a large bang and a few screams about the bus, then I saw he had smashed the window, the one right near the French girl,'' Mr Nayna said.

Passengers were shaken and afraid for their safety as they shouted at the bus driver to drive off.

Mr Nayna said he yelled at the bus driver to leave the scene.

"The main thing was to get away from the danger, I just said 'close the back door and drive off!'" he said.

While we don't have all of the footage to corroborate the narrator's story, these accounts are certainly troubling. The incident took place around 10:30 p.m. on November 11.

"All the French girl had done was sing a song and yell, 'you're crazy' back at them while she was being abused," Nayna said.

Watch the video, below (caution: language):

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