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NYT's Krugman has pleasant experience at DMV


To illustrate government efficiency, conservatives often point to the DMV. Almost nobody likes the DMV.

Cue New York Times columnist Paul Krugman who wrote on his blog today that he recently paid a visit to both the DMV and to some unnamed health care provider.

"In one case, I encountered vast amounts of paperwork, mind-numbing bureaucracy, and extremely frustrating delays," he writes. "In the other, my needs were met quickly and politely."

The quick and polite experience was actually at the DMV, Krugman says.

"The same economist who President Obama usually cites as an authority on econ issues is the same guy who thinks the DMV is pretty darn efficient," TheBlaze's Becket Adams said after reading the blog post. "Which, now that i think about it, makes a lot of sense."

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