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The Ongoing, Awkward War Between the President and the Turkey (With Pictures!)

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The National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation takes place annually around Thanksgiving time. As many know, this is when the president "pardons" a turkey. According to WhiteHouse.gov, "tales of spared turkeys date back to the Lincoln days," but it wasn't until 1989 that George H. W. Bush issued the first official pardon.

Either way, it's always appeared just a little awkward for those involved.

Roosevelt started the awkward president/turkey relationship when he was startled in 1938


Photo Credit: Life/Time


That ended fast


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Truman had a tentative truce with the bird


Photo Credit: trumanlibrary.org


That ended swiftly


Photo Credit: trumanlibrary.org


 Ike tried for peace


Photo Credit: poppowwow.com


 It did not last long

Photo Credit: poppowwow.com


At all...


Photo Credit: Life/Time


Nom Nom Nom


Photo Credit: poppowwow.com


Kennedy was not really sure what to do & remained awkward


Photo Credit: jfklibrary.org/


Johnson engaged in a furious staring contest with the bird


Photo Credit: poppowwow.com


Nixon shook hands


Photo Credit: seattle98.wordpress.com


...and tried to be friends


Photo Credit: seattle98.wordpress.com


 No use -- awkward.


Photo Credit: bonappetit.com


Gerald Ford frankly just looked awkward everywhere


Photo Credit: www.poppowwow.com


Reagan worked at the relationship


Photo Credit: Getty Images


No use


Photo Credit: http://mentalfloss.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_640x430/public/reagan-turkey-pardoning_5.jpg




Photo Credit: (Reagan Library, C43795-20)


Clinton formed a coalition


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Bush gave it his best


Photo Credit: AP




Photo Credit: Life/Time


Now Obama is trying his hand at the relationship


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Our hopes are not high


Photo Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN.com


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