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Sandy Victim Promised 'Immediate Help' by Obama Speaks Out on Fox News: 'I've Gotten Nothing


"I thought I was getting help..."

(Photo: Fox News)

On Sunday, TheBlaze reported on Sandy victim Donna Vanzant's progress in the wake of the storm that left her business with roughly $500,000 in losses.

Vanzant's case is special, in particular, because in many ways she became the public face of President Obama's sympathy after the storm. The photo of the two hugging has been prominently featured on the White House website since October 31.

The president personally told Vanzant that she would get help "immediately," issuing a public statement to the federal government that they were to cut any and all "red tape."

Still on her own roughly a month later, Vanzant said last week that she's come to believe President Obama "wasted a lot of people's time" during his tour.

On Monday Vanzant appeared on Fox News, where she went a step further.

"It’s frustrating for me that that picture is even out there right now,” she said.

When asked how she felt when Obama first arrived, she said:

“I was very excited and felt warmed by the embrace, thinking, ‘This is really gonna happen, I’m going to get the help I need, because you promised that,’ [but] it’s been almost a month now and I’ve gotten no help.  [I've] gotten nothing but, 'No you're not covered for this, no you're not covered for that.'"

Vanzant explained that she's been in the marina business since 1996 and has flood insurance, but because of the way the storm hit-- the damage caused more by rising sea levels than torrential rain-- her insurance apparently won't cover it.

She has been offered a loan at 4-6%, she added, but at this point would not be able to make the monthly payment.

"It's kind of confusing to me, I didn't expect that.  I expected when I was introduced to the director of FEMA, and the president told him to get me immediate help, I thought I was getting help from FEMA itself, not that I would have to go get a loan," she explained.  "It's just greatly affected so many people...My family, my employees..."

Watch the complete interview, via Fox News, below:



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