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Bob Beckel, Cal Thomas: double act


Putting on their best Abbot and Costello act, Fox News' Bob Beckel and conservative columnist Cal Thomas team up to debate political correctness in USA Today:

CAL: Here's how bad this anti-faith hostility is getting. I actually said, "Happy Thanksgiving," last week to a store clerk I know. He replied, "Happy holiday." I thought that phrase was limited to Christmas, but now it is encroaching on Thanksgiving. Store managers are trying to avoid "offending" anyone. But what if I'm offended? Where do I go to sue?

BOB: The whole happy-holiday canard takes political correctness way too far. If "happy holiday" is the mandatory response to Merry Christmas, does that mean Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa must also be banned and replaced by Happy Holiday? Where does it stop? Should Happy Birthday be replaced by Happy Holiday? Give me a break! ...

CAL: Right again. On banning certain speech, many things in our culture offend me, but I am not in court seeking to silence the offenders. Why can't the atheists leave the rest of us alone? I don't mess with their national holiday, April 1st.

BOB: That's a good line, Cal. Why do I think you've used it before?

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