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Remember Those UFOs Captured on Video in Denver? News Station Rules Out One Possibility


"I think they want somebody that will come in and confirm that it's not bugs."

This screenshot from a KDVR video shows what some consider a UFO. (Image: KDVR)

In mid-November, TheBlaze reported about mysterious UFOs captured on video by both a tipster and the news station originally reporting it. Turns out the Denver station wasn't willing to let the case lie with some of the unsatisfying explanations they were getting.

This screenshot from a KDVR video shows what some consider a UFO. (Image: KDVR)

In a follow-up story, KDVR-TV reported that they'd heard ideas of everything from "Obama's drones" to remote-controlled aircraft to bugs. Bringing in entomologist -- a.k.a. bug expert -- Mary Ann Hamilton, the station heard that the "UFOs" flying across the cameras' frame of view were not insects, which was the most popular explanation:

 “This is a toughie. I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said.

Hamilton watched the video over and over again, then she gave us her professional opinion. “After watching the various shots, I do not believe it’s an insect. The shape is inconsistent with an insect,” she said.

With that, KDVR believes the jury is still out as to what the specks could be.

The site where the two original videos of the "UFOs" were taken has become popular for others wanting to spot the objects themselves. (Image: KDVR screenshot)

Watch KDVR's follow-up report:

Others maintain insect status though. The Huffington Post reported Bryan Bonner with the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society saying the group went to the site where the footage was taken in both cases and brought a bug net with them in addition to cameras.

"It seems to be a combination," Bonner told the Huffington Post. "Yes, there are bugs, but there are some obvious birds in there, too. You can see wings flapping."

The group even experimented with a fly to show how certain filming conditions would make the bug look. They glued the fly to a piece of glass and took a picture of it 10 inches away in focus and then several times at 10 inches with the background in focus. They also photographed it from five feet away. These latter images showed similar blurs as to what was seen in KDVR's videos. Read more about the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society's investigation here.

Bonner told the Huffington Post they contacted KDVR with this information, but they didn't seem to bite:

"We called them and apparently they were offended because we told them it was bugs. I think they want somebody that will come in and confirm that it's not bugs. Because it would make them look really silly if we come in and tell them we've pretty much proven what this is."


"Anytime there's a report of any bizarre happening, don't just take it at face value. Use some critical thinking, go in and investigate it and find out what the facts are."

Watch this video from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society's fly experiment:

The Huffington Post also noted skeptic Phil Plait on his blog Bad Astronomy saying, "I know: UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, and since no one could identify them, these are by definition UFOs. Except they aren't. They're insects."

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