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O'Reilly Jokes About 'Obama Is a Muslim' Truthers: President's Christmas Trees Are 'All Facing Mecca


"All those Republicans said, Obama's a Muslim..."

Photo Credit: NBC

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly issued a joke on Thursday night that will surely catch liberals' attention. Making a crack about past scrutiny surrounding President Barack Obama's faith, the popular "O'Reilly Factor" host quipped that all of the White House's trees are "facing Mecca."

Mecca is, of course, the holiest city in the Islamic faith -- one that adherents face on a daily basis while they utter invocations. O'Reilly's joke came after Leno mentioned the fact that some Republicans have been skeptical that the president is a Muslim.

Photo Credit: NBC

"All those Republicans said, Obama's a Muslim -- he's a Muslim. And now he put 54 Christmas trees in the White House," Leno said. "He's wasting money on Christmas trees! You can't please everybody."

O'Reilly followed this up with a joke, quipping, but they're all facing Mecca."

Watch the dialogue, below:

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