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Wild Police Dash Cam Vid Shows Robbery Suspect Escaping From Back of Police Car and Then Stealing It


Police put 41-year-old Darren Douglas Porter in handcuffs and placed him in the back of a police car after he allegedly burglarized an antique store in White Settlement, Texas -- roughly 15 miles from Fort Worth. And then he escaped from the back of that police cruiser and drove away in it.

White Settlement police officers detained Porter before leaving him unattended in the back of the car to go talk to the antique store owner, NBCDFW reports. It was during this time that Porter somehow get his cuffed hands in front of him and rolled down the window (no, police car back windows are not supposed to roll down).




"Unknown to us the back windows were still active so the suspect was able to hit the back window release to roll down the window and reach around and unlock the door from the outside," Lt. J.P. Bevering said. "We believe they came from the dealership with those disconnected, but they were not."

Porter then sneakily made his way into the driver's seat and put the pedal to the metal, successfully escaping police custody. Police received two calls about a police cruiser driving erratically shortly after.

Watch the crazy video captured by another police car's dash cam:

The suspected robber later abandoned the car at an apartment complex in West Fort Worth. Police say their chances of finding him are "very good."

"We know who he is. We've dealt with him previously…We know his associates, so now we're in the process of contacting them and keeping an eye out for him," " Bevering said.

Darren Douglas Porter (NBCDFW)

Instead of just burglary-related charges, Porter, pictured above, now also faces felony theft and escape. Meanwhile, the White Settlement Police Department is making sure none of its other police cars have back windows that roll down.

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