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Michigan police: Yes, we know how to handle union protesters

(Photo: AP)

The Michigan State Police say they are prepared to deal with a rowdy bunch of upset union members today as Gov. Rick Snyder signs the state's Right-to-Work legislation into law.

How will they manage the "peaceful" demonstrations?  With riot gear, of course:

Riot gear was stockpiled in a back room at the Capitol on Monday as State Police prepared for what's expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in Lansing history today, as the House takes up right-to-work legislation.

Officials were also seen Monday briefing more than a dozen undercover officers -- dressed as working people in jeans and ball caps -- on how to blend in with the crowd today and respond to any trouble or suspicious activity.

"Because of lessons learned in Wisconsin and Ohio, we are taking precautions," including riot gear that will only be used if needed, said Inspector Gene Adamczyk. "The State Police have come here prepared."

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