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Pro-Fracking Filmmaker Calls Out Anti-Fracking Actor Matt Damon Over 'Oil-Rich' Funding During Press Event


" does it feel to be a fully-paid advocate of an oil-rich Middle Eastern government..."

The filmmakers of the pro-fracking documentary FrackNation for the last several months have been pointing out what they believe are misrepresentations of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a process to obtain natural gas, in Matt Damon and John Krazsinski's "Promise Land."

"Promise Land," an Oscar-contending film that will hit theaters starting Dec. 28, focuses on a rural down hit hard in an economic downturn that could see promise if they sell rights for drilling on their land -- but controversy over it ensues. Last month, TheBlaze brought you the leaked script of the film, which FrackNation director Phelim McAleer said revealed that "Damon doesn’t know his facts about hydraulic fracturing" and shows "how little Hollywood thinks of America."

At a recent media event for "Promise Land," McAleer confronted Damon and Krazinski again about the film.

McAleer said:

"My question is how does it feel to be a fully-paid advocate of an oil-rich Middle Eastern government? And doesn't that really negate any artistic credibility ... that the "Promise Land" might have, given that it's funded by this Middle Eastern, oil-rich company that is bound to make billions of dollars if fracking is banned in the United States?"

Damon responded first asking if FrackNation had come out yet and if the question was part of the documentary: the answer to both questions was no.

Damon goes on to explain:

"Focus Features and Participant, which has a ... Participant Media has a blind slate deal with these people, Image Nation, who pay for 10 percent of all of their films. So, the first time we were aware that Image Nation was involved with our movie was when we saw the rough cut and saw their logo and that's that."

Watch the encounter posted last week on YouTube:

Read more about McAleer's views of "Promise Land" in his contributor's post on TheBlaze earlier this year here.

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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