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Bill O'Reilly Unleashes on 'Secular Clown Posse,' Lectures Media About the Nativity & the Founding Fathers


"At Christmas, Jesus is honored as a man who helped humanity."

Photo Credit: Fox News

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly isn't backing away from his claims surrounding the annual War on Christmas. In fact, on Thursday night, he doubled down, dismissing a "secular clown posse" comprised of media figures who purportedly have little knowledge about the nation's founding.

While he noted that conservatives have won some of the battles in the the annual debate over Nativity displays, crosses and "holiday trees," O'Reilly warned that the War on Christmas is far from over and that it is, in fact, "symbolic of the entire culture war."

During the segment, the popular host called out Newsweek Magazine's recent claim that the battle has concluded and that the issue has been won in favor of conservatives. In addition to noting Newsweek's take, the host also target Associated Press TV writer Frazier Moore, who recently lambasted O'Reilly for his stance on the War on Christmas.

"Moore is one of the legions of media who have formed a secular clown posse, a bunch of people who have no blanking idea what this country was founded on," O'Reilly proclaimed.

"The O'Reilly Factor" host went on to clarify his stance on Christianity, describing the differences between the religious construct as a faith and a philosophy.

"Christianity is a religion for those who believe Jesus is God and for those who join a specific church to celebrate that belief," he explained. "But Christianity is a philosophy to people like Thomas Jefferson who did not believe that Jesus was a deity -- and Mr. Jefferson as well as many of the Founding Fathers incorporated the Judeo-Christian philosophy into the Constitution."

O'Reilly also noted that Nativity scenes merely honor the life of Jesus and that no one is being forced to accept, based on the imagery, that Christ is a deity. These displays simple depict his birth -- something that can be celebrated regardless of faith views.

"At Christmas, Jesus is honored as a man who helped humanity," O'Reilly explained.

Watch the segment, below:

O'Reilly's comments follow recent on-air clashes about similar subjects with American Atheists president David Silverman and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, among others.

(H/T: Mediaite)



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