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Jesus 'Look-Alike' Booted From Darts Tournament After 4,000 Fans Start Chanting 'Stand Up if You Love Jesus!


"If I ever see Jesus again, I'll crucify him myself."

Grindal (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Grindal (Photo Credit: YouTube)

A man described by some as a "Jesus look-alike" was kicked out of a UK darts tournament after thousands of fans took notice of the fact that he resembled the Christian savior and started chanting, "Stand up if you love Jesus!" As a result, the situation got so out of control that security personnel escorted Nathan Grindal out of the event, as he was seen as a distraction to the darts players.

What initially commenced as a few chants grew, as fans joined in on the fun. The chaos, which went on for what The Christian Post calls "an extended period" was blamed for throwing the world's top darts players into a tizzy. The Post has more about the bizarre event and the way in which officials decided to handle it:

Unable to think of any other way to control the crowd, officials called security guards at the venue, who escorted the so-called "Jesus look-alike" out.

The 33 year old laborer was eventually escorted out by six guards to another part of the venue away from the games, where he was made to watch the competition unfold on a TV screen.

Before continuing, it's important to highlight another bit of irony. In addition to having an uncanny resemblance to traditional notions of Jesus' image, Grindal is also, as noted above, 33-years-old. This is the same age that Christ supposedly was when he died. While some are finding the incident both bizarre and entertaining, Grindal isn't happy about the way in which it was handled.

In an interview with UK's Mirror, he called the situation "distressing" and said that he was "emotionally distraught." He described the crowd as "bullying" him and noted that the scenario would have been far less embarrassing had the security team not forced him to leave.

"In his post-match interview, Phil Taylor said something like, 'If I ever see Jesus again, I'll crucify him myself,'" he said, referring to a statement from one of the players whom he purportedly distracted. "Now that's just hurtful."

Watch video of the incident, which includes the mass chanting and Grindal being escorted out of the event, below:

(H/T: Christian Post)

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