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Viral Mistletoe Prank at BYU Leads to Unexpected Christmas Smooches (and a Surprise Slap)


"Do you leave out cookies for Santa?"

Mistletoe is known for its traditional kissing powers -- forces that were put to the test at BYU recently when students were asked to take a Christmas survey. As they answered some basic questions, the romance-inducing plant was dropped down from above and respondents had to make a choice: Would they abide by the long-held Christian tradition and kiss a random individual -- or would they decline.

Some of the questions included in the mix were: "Are you married or single?," "Do you leave out cookies for Santa?" and "Do you put up Christmas lights?" Then, when those answering least expected it, the mistletoe floated above their heads.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Surprisingly, numerous individuals, though startled by the appearance of the plant, went along with the prank and smooched at will. However, one girl was seemingly so surprised that, rather than give a kiss, she slapped a guy across the face.

The video of the entire prank, which was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, already has more than one million views. Watch it, below:

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