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Last Class Photo of Sandy Hook First Graders Is Heart-Wrenching

(Photo: Katie Couric/ABC via the Daily Mail)

ABC's Katie Couric recently displayed the last school photo of the first grade class at Sandy Hook Elementary, where a crazed gunman killed nearly everyone in the room last Friday.

It is heartbreaking.

After the original photo, the now well-known images of the students are superimposed next to the faces, attaching a recognized face and story to each student.

Here is the photo:

(Photo: Katie Couric/ABC via the Daily Mail)

And here is the version with the more recognized pictures superimposed:

(Photo: Katie Couric/ABC via Hollywood Life)

Emilie Parker-- whose father gave an incredibly moving memorial for his daughter over the weekend-- was home sick that day, her father told the Daily Mail.

(Photo: Facebook/Emilie Parker Fund)

Nearly everyone in the picture has been identified, the Daily Mail added, except for the girl in the black shirt in the middle of the photo.

Prior reports indicate that, in the classroom where nearly everyone was killed, one little girl survived by playing dead.  The girl's pastor related the story, but did not reveal her identity.

The class's teacher, 30-year-old Lauren Rousseau, was also killed.  She had worked as a substitute teacher for years before being accepted full-time at Sandy Hook.  Her mother said it was the "best year of her life."



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