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Hactivist Collective Anonymous' Twitter Account Was Suspended (But They Were Ready for It)


One of the most popular Twitter accounts for the loosely connected hacker collective known as Anonymous was suspended briefly Wednesday -- but the hactivists had a plan they put into action.

Mashable reported that when @YourAnonNewswas suspended by Twitter, those who maintain its content migrated to @YANBackUp, which was established in the event this might happen.

@YourAnonNews was not informed initially of why it was suspended. But a tweet by @YANBackUp might be telling:

According to Mashable, @YourAnonNews was suspended for sharing private information on the site. Mashable speculates this private information could have been related to Anonymous' attacks against Westboro Baptist Church, which has made its way into the media again as it has threatened to protest the funerals of the victims from the recent Connecticut mass school shooting.

The account was soon reactivated.

Some were advocating that Anonymous launch an attack against Twitter, which @YourAnonNews said should't be done as the micro-blogging site provides a forum for Anonymous to spread its news and thoughts.

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