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What Law Would Have Stopped Adam Lanza?': TheBlaze's Will Cain Clashes With CNN Panel on Gun Control

What Law Would Have Stopped Adam Lanza?': TheBlaze's Will Cain Clashes With CNN Panel on Gun Control

"Think about that"

TheBlaze's Will Cain appeared as a panelist on CNN Wednesday with a roundtable that included Christiane Amanpour and Soledad O'Brien, and the three got in a contentious discussion over gun control.

Discussing the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, where 26 people where shot at an elementary school, Amanpour began:

I just think it's not brain surgery anymore, and the question really is, are these children going to have been slaughtered in vain?  These weapons, Soledad, are used on battlefields.  I have seen children like that slaughtered from Sarajevo to Somalia, and it is now happening on Syria.  And it is now happening in the United States.  The Second Amendment does not infringe on the right of hunters...[Senator] Joe Manchin said to me, 'I don't need high capacity magazines...'

At that point, Will Cain cut in to note that the issue at stake is not the convenience of hunters.  It is both about our rights, and the fact that gun bans often have a history of backfiring.

He explained:

Absent an absolute ban, [like] they've accomplished in Japan-- basically an absolute ban-- absent that, when you say we're just going to limit assault rifles...what we're talking about, specifically in incidents over the past week, are premeditated psychopathic killers who will find the weapons they need to perpetuate these crimes.  They're like a drunkard...If you outlaw whiskey, will you reduce drunk driving?

Amanpour then cut in, claiming Cain had brought up an excellent point in her favor regarding drunk driving.

"It was considered cool" to have a drink and get behind the wheel several decades ago, she said, until Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) stepped in.  After the panel erupted to determine whether that marks a a fair analogy-- a public relations campaign and national ban being two very different things-- O'Brien tried to push stricter regulation, noting that only between 2%-8% of violent crimes are committed with "assault rifles."

But Cain noted: "So then we end up having conversations around something that amounts to 2% of the gun violence...You need to tie the law you're proposing to making actual improvements."

Roland Martin, who had been largely absent from the conversation until that point, implored that we at least have a "starting point," even if it only tackles 2%-8% of violent crimes.

Cain brought the issue home before the segment closed.

"What law would have stopped Adam Lanza?  Think about that."

Watch the entire segment, below:




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