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Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Loses on This Technicality -- Outrageous or Fair?


"Yeah, uh, that's not... we can't accept that."

Image: Wheel of Fortune

If Santa Claus is a "Wheel of Fortune" fan, the crew might find their stockings stuffed with coal this Christmas.

Image: Wheel of Fortune

Below is a clip from Wednesday's broadcast showing a contestant named Renee appearing to correctly solve a puzzle, only to be denied the win on a technicality.

Renee, in full military uniform, was on a bit of roll, placing letters on the board for a puzzle in the category of "Living Things." After she guessed the letter "G," the board looked like this:

Image: Wheel of Fortune

With thousands of dollars on the line and a possible shot at the big bonus round, Renee chose to solve the puzzle that read  -- "S E _ E N S _ _ N S A-S _ _ M M _ N G." However, when she spoke the answer, she dropped the "G" she had just placed on the board, saying, "Seven swans a swimmin'."

Sajak responded:

Yeah, uh, that's not... we can't accept that."

The next contestant, Amy, was given an easy win, and Renee was told that using the vernacular was her downfall.

Watch the clip and see if you agree with the judges or do you think Renee should have been awarded the win:

(H/T: Wisconsin radio station WEXM)

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