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Think Giraffes Are Peaceful Creatures? Wait Until You See Them Brawl in This Rare Footage


"A young gun sidles into town looking to stake his claim."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

As is the case with many fights among male animals, there is usually a woman involved. And while giraffes might be the last animal you would consider to resort to violence with each other, they too are willing to go into battle to protect their territory.

It's rare to catch a giraffe fight on film, but Discovery Channel uses it in its teaser for its show "Africa," which airs January 8.

The camera angle shows a close up of one of the males slowly turning his head to eye his oncoming adversary. Another camera shot to the sound of the spurs closes in on the hooves of the second male.

"A young gun sidles into town looking to stake his claim," the narrator says.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Most of the time, they're gentle vegetarians," he continued.

But then the neck whipping begins. The narrator states that the giraffes necks can reach more than six feet long and weigh more than 600 pounds.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the fight for yourself (Note: The action begins at 1:34 but the dramatic lead up is worth it too):

Here's the preview for "Africa," which was four years in the making:

(H/T: io9)

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