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American Dream Labs': Wait Until You Hear How Glenn Beck Plans to Transform the News Industry


A new investigtitve reports magazine and perhaps even a "Nightline" of our own is in store...

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As discussed last evening,  Glenn Beck plans to take this week to slowly unveil his newest venture, American Dream Labs. His Tuesday evening broadcast was no exception, and focused on new technologies TheBlaze aims to implement in the year ahead.

Beck also promised to make a series of announcements concerning his network over the course of the next 60 days, including a "global information center" headquartered in New York and the launch of international bureaus in three different cities around the world. The locations will be announced soon, and, according to Beck, the intentions behind each will be obvious once revealed.

At its core, Beck hopes to build a global news organization that values American exceptionalism, freedom and the Declaration of Independence, each of which he feels will help to bring a uniquely American point of view to international news coverage.

On the home-front, Beck also announced the launch of a new investigative news magazine titled "For The Record," utilizing journalists to uncover the stories "no one else will touch." He added that in the past, his documentary team is expanding to provide this in-depth coverage and that new programs will be added to daily Blaze broadcasts to keep viewers informed with fresh content throughout the day.

Beck also hopes to introduce, even if next year, the next "Nightline." He believes that ABC recently ousted the long running evening news program because the network was not "telling the right stories." Thus, Beck sees a market waiting to be filled, this one in the form of a nightly half-hour broadcast on a range of topics not covered by mainstream media.

Of particular note, Beck was emphatic in telling his viewers that all of TheBlaze's new initiatives will all be done "without the influence of special interests...kickbacks or government loans."

"We're in a bad economy and we expect those things to get worse," he added.

He said that one of the main reasons he runs his company without loans or on lines of credit is because big banks are "above and beyond the law now."

"Everything we do is possible because of the dollars you commit... You are way more than just an audience. You trust us with your money and we take that trust seriously," Beck said.

While Beck has been told by industry and non-industry veterans that what he is trying to achieve with TheBlaze cannot be done, but he begs to differ.

When they say "there's no way I can do what I've done, I tell them 'yes there is!'"

"When you have good, smart, dedicated and creative people -- people who believe in something and are willing to lose some sleep -- there's no limit to what you can do."

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