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Slingshot Channel' Guy Shows Off Once Secret Weapon That Slings Circular Saw Blades

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

We've seen "The Slingshot Channel" guy -- more officially known as Joerg Sprave -- make some crazy things weapons before. But right when you thought his homemade artillery couldn't get anymore intense, he shows off one that he has kept secret for a while.

It's a sophisticated thrower of circular saw blades.

Why was this "rotational saw blade shooter", which Sprave compares to a traditional clay pigeon thrower that's fired like a rifle, kept secret? Sprave said he designed for a television show and couldn't publicly showcase it until now.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Although Sprave made some adjustments to account for the disc shape and spin of the ammo to improve accuracy, he said it is "in no ways a sniper rifle."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The rational saw blade shooter doesn't make its appearance in Sprave's video until after he shows off a nail shooter, so skip to 2:46 if you only want to watch the circular blades fly:



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